(split single with Backyard Babies)

A: Mommy`s Little Monster / Backyard Babies

B. One-Shot Woman / The 69 Eyes


Rubber Rabbit Rock`n`Roll Records (5R0396)

Released in February 1997

Never Too Loud

A: Too Itching For Action

B: Call Me Animal


Ultra Under Records (UUS 007)

Released in 1994


(a.k.a. Suck My Mike)

A: Deuce

B: Is It My Body


1+2 Records (1+2 EP 067)

Released in 1994

High Times-Low Life...

A: Mrs. Sleazy

B 1: Discipline

B 2: Stop Bitching !


Gaga Goodies (GO-35)

Released on December 1992


A: Juicy Lucy

B: Burning Love


Gaga Goodies (GO-33)

Released on February 1992


A: Barbarella

B: The Hills Have Eyes


Gaga Goodies (GO-25)

Released on April 1991


A: Sugarman

B: Alive !


Gaga Goodies (GO-18)

Released on June 1990